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Affiliate Marketing

Q. What is affiliate marketing?


A. Affiliate marketing is when you advertise other products or services to get a commission on a sale that the company normally would not have made based on your traffic or marketing skills.

Affiliate marketing can help you to make passive income on just about everything on the web. You can sign up for an account on a website like the ones listed below. These sites will give you the banner ads, flash ads, and text links you need already pre-coded to make your blog or website help you create passive income from the traffic you are already getting. To better understand affiliate marketing it’s similar to someone selling a product or service that is not directly theirs. For example, I used to sell Kirby vacuums the Kirbys were not mine, they were the distributor that I worked for, she owned the vacuums. However, when I sold them, I receive a 300 dollar check from her for selling her products.

Same goes for others on the web, White List Marketing Firm offers the design, development, configuration and optimization of websites and pages as well as configuration of affiliate accounts so that you, who may be interested in affiliate marketing, can get to making money without having to learn everything from scratch. Basically, you can tell us what you want to sell and we can then make your blog or website rise to the top and sell affiliate offers for you. We will write the content and help you to SEO optimize and rank your sites for keywords that produce ROI for your company as passive income.

We can both create banners for your site to market your services to others as well as create sites to market other services on your sites. Another benefit that we offer is the setup and configuration of the Ad Servers. For 99 bucks you can own your very own ad server so that all your affiliate offers rotate instead of being static ads. Your sites can offer a wide variety of ads that weight can be set upon to show more often or less often. If you have a network then you can use the ad server to put others products on your network and charge them a PPC cost or CPM cost.


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