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Art of a Popup

When you know about the art of a popup, your website will grab the attention of the user and help increase conversions. If you download a JavaScript popup, you can convince your visitors to stay longer by asking them to submit information, offering free eBooks, or redirecting them to a new offer. Here is a brief look on the art of a popup.

Create a Different Popup for Different Content

If you download a JavaScript popup and use it one every page data can be collected from any visitor, if you have been trying to do this without good results maybe you should try to do so differently. You need to create a popup according to the type of content you offer on your website. When it does pop-up, make sure it does not annoy the user. The message displayed it should be easy to understand and offer great value to the visitor.

Include Images in the popup

Images in a JavaScript popup improve communication between you and the user. Site metrics show this type of popup is more effective than one with text only. Plus you can say a thousand words with one picture so keep a beautiful image ready to entice viewers into giving them your email address.

Always create Lightweight Popups

Instead of a popup that covers the entire screen and browser, use a small lightweight one that covers a small portion. This way, the traffic of your landing page resonates more effectively because your visitor’s don’t leave because of annoying popups.

While you can create your own popup, you can download a JavaScript popup and use it on your site. Doing so will improve conversion, increase your subscriber list, and improve your ROI.

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