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What Video Does For Your Website What Video Does For Your Website

Videos are a great SEO improving tool for most websites. They demand more traffic and feedback from viewers, and if you have ever wondered why websites that contain and share videos perform better than websites that contain images and texts only, you need to take a look at these reasons:

Videos Are More Interactive and Informative

A majority of the people surfing the web would rather watch a video than read or look at photos. Videos are more interactive than written content and far more informative than a picture. The experience of watching something is greater than reading about it from someone else’s viewpoint, which is why videos generate greater buzz than written content or even images.

Videos Are More Engaging | Go Pro Hero

A static image with a description can only tell you so much about a product or service. The more information you cram in to an image, the less useful it becomes. But with videos, you can inform and entertain the customers at the same time and get the message across. Since videos are more engaging, it can retain the interest of your visitors and make them keep coming back for more.

A video will keep your visitors engaged for a longer period of time than a picture and image would, therefore it can help improve the bounce rate form your website as well. Using videos will help improve your SEO ranking if used with relevant search terms and title.



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