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Traditional marketing has taken a backseat since the age of the internet. The numerous forms of internet marketing has replaced most traditional forms and most companies and online businesses prefer to go digital with their marketing schemes. Online marketing enjoys abundant advantages over traditional marketing which is why it is the most preferred choice for stand-alone businesses and websites as well.

Social media is the best form of marketing as of now considering almost everyone with a Smartphone and access to the internet is a part of it. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, social media is everywhere and with every website providing a share button to these social forums, it is easier to connect to hundreds and thousands of people with few clicks and shares.

SEO (Search engine optimization) is a form of marketing that improves the visibility and ranking of your web pages in order to increase the traffic. SEO is one of the most important online forms of marketing and if your competitor is more knowledgeable about it than you, it could ring disaster bells for you. SEO requires a lot of hard work, but if used correctly, can market your website beyond what you hope to achieve.

Another form of online marketing is pay-per-click, which is online marketing where you literally pay per clicks to advertise your website or products. You can buy these advertisements from Facebook and Google for example, and pay for every click the ads generate and bring your viewers and customers.



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