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Graphic Design

Q. What is Graphic Design?


A. Graphic design is the manipulation and creation of vector based images that allow the distortion, creation, or combination of elements to make imagery for print, or web use.

Most graphics are designed in Photoshop or Illustrator predominantly. These tools allow the user to create mathematical lines with vector based or mathematical based pixels. Opposed to Photoshop, which used raster based pixels that are not mathematically based. Graphic designed vector based art when examined closely will have sharp edges and acute or very smooth based links that look well defined. Raster based images can also have defined lines, but you will notice upon closer examination that the pixels are small and blend together.

Most all logos and graphics are built using illustrator effects can be produced in Photoshop. White List Marketing Firm loves to graphically design, banner ads, logos, manipulate photos and teach others the tricks of the skill. In our further posts we will show you how to create great imagery and design award winning icons and graphics as well as manipulate imagery to show your client exactly what good art it. We can help you build your portfolio out and show you what needs to be done to become an all around pro graphic designer.

If you have decided that you want to learn more about graphic design and the software that is used to make such wonderful graphics then keep reading, everything from theory, create concept and design will be covered over the next posts. Good luck and happy designing.



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