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Let’s talk SEO for a bit… Hello, my name is Collin and I’m the primary SEO expert at the White List Marketing Firm. I have tested many methods of ranking highly in Google and opposed to what people think a backlink profile can do a ton of good, but if your on-page content is not properly optimized then you have to double if not tripple your budget to get the same rankings as if it were optimized.

From a web developer perspective, everyone knows that 3% is a good rule of thumb to have for keyword density. But there are many other factors that play into doing on page optimization. In fact, even though people don’t give much attention to the title tag as well as the description that a huge part of optimizing a page. You can combine on-page content with title and description with a keyword or two and then finish it off with the image and ALT tags and boom if you do it right you can about target any keyword you want. If you really know what your doing you can target multiple keywords on each page and target twelve or more on the home page alone. Home pages are special and need extra care, but when you optimize them right, they can become relevant for so many different phrases.

I have several clients whose home pages are optimized for up to 100+ keywords and it ranks in the top 5 for almost every phrase both national and local. This is of course with a seasoned site and a backlink profile, adding authority to each keyword group that we are targeting. I did a 8 part series on SEO and how to rank highly in Google and you can watch it if you like. The video series is offered by and we will be posting a link to the site soon.



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