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Responsive Web Design
April 13, 2015 CSS/CSS3

If you are not using a responsive design, chances are you losing out on a lot of potential visitors to your website. Technology has transitioned the use of internet to more than just desktop computers with gigantic monitors, and your website is now viewed on far more devices than was previously perceivable.

It is not secret that Smartphones and tablets have taken over desktop for more common tasks like surfing the web. This, however, presents a challenge for website owners who have to cater to every user whether they are using a desktop or mobile device to browse their website. Given the different size of the screens, not every user gets the same experience and many might turn away from your website.

The solution to this simple problem is responsive web design. A responsive web design will help give your users the same experience no matter which device they access your website from. For example, a full-size picture on a desktop computer will resize to fit on a small smartphone device screen giving the viewer a seamless experience they would otherwise only get on a desktop computer.

Having a responsive web design has become more of a necessity now that mobile usage is increasing every passing year. With far more people accessing the internet through their mobile devices, it will not be a surprise if you see a hike in your visitors to your websites if you employ a responsive web design!

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