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Responsive Website Design with Twitter Bootstrap
December 25, 2015 CSS/CSS3

There is nothing more annoying than trying to view half of a web site on half of a computer screen and having to scroll to see the periphery of the sight, but did you know that besides making the site difficult to view, the decision not to incorporate responsive web design may also be detrimental to the site’s rank ability?  Responsive web design is quickly replacing the practice of developing both a regular site and a mobile sight.  Google has stated that responsive web design is the industry best practice which means that incorporating it will get your content ranked higher than that of your competitors.

Responsive web design is an approach to web design that aims to provide visitors to a site with an optimal viewing experience and the greatest ease of interaction with the site.  A well-designed web site that incorporates responsive web design should be easily navigable on a wide range of devices of any size with no need for the viewer to have to re-size, pan or scroll.

The first web site to incorporate a layout that would adapt to the viewpoint of a browser was in 2001.  On some browsers, the layout would adapt dynamically, but on others the page had to be reloaded from the server if it was re-sized.  By 2008 CSS3 media queries were entering the mainstream and the “liquid” layout concept was gaining traction.  This “fluid grid” concept calls for element sizing to be in relative units such as percentages in lieu of pixels or points.  Media queries allow the page to use different CSS style rules based on the characteristics of the device.

Besides the advantages mentioned above, responsive web design can make the design process and SEO much easier.  By incorporating responsive web design, you no longer have to develop separate desktop and mobile sites.  Moreover, the absence of multiple URLs for the same content helps to prevent the dilution of page rank.  Responsive web design reduces your site’s loading time significantly since it does not require a redirection to a different URL on mobile devices.  Of course, expedited loading time means better SEO!

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