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Calculating the ratio is simple. Calculating the ratio is simple.(0)

Depending on the number, those “You are the umpteenth visitor to this site” counters displayed on many home pages can be impressive, especially if it’s your site. Trouble is they’re the Internet equivalent of someone peeking in the door to your business, then walking away. The real key to your site’s success lies in increasing conversion ratio, which tells you how many people actually do something after they’ve stuck their head in that door. Calculating the ratio is simple. Just divide the number of customers who complete a transaction on your site by the total number of visitors to it. The result is likely to be a depressingly small number averaging around 2%. But there are ways of increasing the conversion ratio to upwards of 5% or even more, assuming you know people with the knowhow to do it.
White List Marketing Firm is made up of people in the know. They’ll start with the most important page on your website, the landing page where visitors get that all-important, first impression of what you’re about. WLMF’s team of graphic designers and content writers know how to create landing pages that make people want to stick around as well as implement a downloadable javascript popup. From that point on, they’ll use analytical software to calculate when and where visitors might be exiting later on down the line. Known in the trade as the bounce rate, WLMF will find out which page or pages have unacceptable exit rates and revise or eliminate them accordingly. And finally, they’ll evaluate your CTA’s or Calls to Action, the point or points on your website that ask visitors to do something, be it join or buy or donate. When WLMF is done, rest assured you’ll have a website where increasing the conversion ratio has translated into tangible success for you.



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