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The Key Elements of Great Equipment

Tips for Buying a Trailer

There are plenty of options of trailers you’ll find today. How do you choose one that’s right for you? First of all, consider your needs. Do you have many or few? Are you looking for an open trailer or an enclosed trailer?

If it’s important to have extra space for your items, go for an open trailer. Sizes can range from 4 feet x 6 feet to 6 feet x 12 feet, or up to as long as 30 feet. Steel rails surrounding the edge can even range from 9 inches to 24 inches. This helsp to keep your equipment in place during transit.

With enclosed trailers, on the other hand, your equipment will travel while locked up. If you want additional storage, this is a good option. Yet another advantage of an enclosed trailer is the assurance that the trailer has your equipment during load shifts. Additionally, the size of an enclosed trailer can vary widely, just like open-style units. Some are 4 feet by 6 feet with a single axle, going up to 8 feet by 25 feet with two axles.

You also have to decide what type of hitch to use with your trailer. The most common are a ball hitch attached to the frame.

Inspecting Trailer Tires

The tires of a trailer are, of course, important too. They often come in 6, 8 or 10 ply. Needless to say, make sure there is enough air pressure in each of your trailer’s tires and that they are capable of carrying the load you intend to transport.

Trailer Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

Get a calculator and compute the trailer’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR). This is simply the weight of the trailer on top of the payload capacity. It’s best to select a trailer with a higher GVWR than what you actually have to carry.

Maximum Towing Weight

Know the maximum towing weight of the trailer by looking at its manual or talking to your dealer.

Loading and Unloading

Some small trailers have ramp gates that are lowered by hand, while others have side ramp gates that flip up or fold.

Licensing and Registration

Compliance with state licensing and registration regulations Is a must. When buying your trailer, you will receive a manufacturer certificate of origin (MCO) which, together with your bill of sale, you have to present to your local license bureau before getting your title. Take note, however, that laws may differ from state to state.

If you’re buying a secondhand trailer, get your bill of sale and the statement of origin or title that has been signed over to you by the seller. Otherwise, it will be impossible to use the trailer or use it legally.

Doing Trailers The Right Way

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