Twitter Bootstrap Framework
April 13, 2015 CSS/CSS3

If you haven’t been using Twitter bootstrap framework, it is time you start doing now. Your website needs a responsive device that gives the users a seamless experience no matter what device they surf it from. The Bootstrap Framework is one of the best innovations to hit the market that will help you maintain your website across all devices.

The Bootstrap Framework, apart from making your website highly responsive, will help you save a lot of time with its library of codes you can use to breathe life into your website. You don’t have to spend considerable amounts of time writing up the codes to make your website work the way you want it to.

Customizing with Bootstrap can be highly personal since you can customize it to make it your own. You can tailor your website according to your needs and wants and discard what you don’t want on your website. The highly customizable nature of Twitter Bootstrap Framework is also the reason why it is the favorite for most developers.

The Bootstrap Framework is known for its consistency throughout, and you will get the same result whether you are browsing your website from Google Chrome or Firefox. Your website is highly uniform across any device with the Bootstrap Framework at the helm.

One of the main reasons why developers revere Twitter Bootstrap Framework is the responsiveness of the websites designed with this tool. Whether you are browsing the website from a laptop or an iPad, the website will adapt in a matter of seconds.

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