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Google services can really help you with affiliate marketing, analytics or custom email analytics. Promote and track with Google services.

google services

Google Services

This service is composed of three services that we offer. Each can be bought separately or you can buy all three together. If your using AdSense or would like to have AdSense integrated into you website then we have the service for you. Affiliate marketing is great, but Google AdSense show random ads from an assortment of different retailers and services. This allows your ad to be dynamic and its easier to get a click. Plus you don’t have to wait for someone to buy, you can just get paid for a click. The AdSense integration and configuration is 99 dollars.

Our next service is Google Analytics integration, we do this on all the websites we build, but more often then non our clients are missing Google Analytics so they cannot effetely manage or track unique visits on websites. This service is very beneficial for anyone who owns a website. Knowing how many hits or views your getting and what pages are being frequented the most can server as some really useful information. Also you can check bounce rates to find flaws in your pages and broken pages. Much more in depth analysis can be done with Google Analytics. The Google Analytics integration service is 99 dollars

Our third service is Custom Google Email Analytics, which will enable you to track opens and clicks on individual links. We use a custom Google code to track all the opens after sending your email and also we can see, if you have Google Analytics installed into your site, where they went after they clicked the link. We can see the exact flow chart of a user from open to exit. This service is very valuable and can be set up for any type of email analytics campaign. The custom Google Analytics email tracking is 49 dollars.

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"My website could never have flourished more, we did 25 relevant keyword phrases for my business and after about 2 weeks the targeted traffic started coming in."

- Anthony Vinnagucci
Chicago, Il