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Get the business marketing strategies the pro's use every day and don’t pay big marketing firm prices. Start here, make the decision to use these methods today.

  • viral marketing
  • Social VIRAL Marketing Strategy | $89.00

    This viral marketing strategy is available to anyone interested. All you need is social media accounts, if you don’t have any social media we will set you up with the necessary accounts, this is all free. We help you develop a promotional incentive to get you customers to commit and then build out a strategy where your information circulates through out all you account with minimal effort. This viral process notifies and expands your message on a daily basis.

  • email marketing strategy
  • Email Marketing Strategy | 59.00

    An email developed for a product or service that is incentive or promotional based for your company. The email will be sent out up to four times in a one month period at any days you choose. Our team will code the email and we will work with you to make an enticing offer that you customers are sure to love. This service can be purchased monthly and additional email development is offered as well. Some not all emails are responsive.

  • conversion strategy
  • Conversion Marketing Strategy | 199.00

    This service is exactly what it sounds like, we take the traffic you are getting now and work on converting more unique visits to sales or leads. We also have custom developed software that we will integrate into your website that offers incentive based promotions, coupons, or signup of any sort. This software will develop you an email list so that it can be remarketed to in the future and it un-intrusive and non-burdening. This is a proven strategy that works and will have a effect on your bottom line. The conversion marketing strategy is one of the best strategies we offer.

  • seo optimization marketing strategy
  • SEO Optimization Marketing Strategy | 99.00

    Optimizing a web page can have a major effect on your companies traffic and this service will allow us to both optimize your website pages that exist and add up to 5 pages of new content which is relevant to your products and services so your target audience that is searching will find your site before the competitions. SEO optimization is a cost effective and inexpensive way to get more leads, more traffic, and more views for your local area.

  • onlin business marketing
  • Online business Marketing | 399.00

    This is a complete plan of action that your company can put into effect immediately with little or no funds. This plan will fuel sales, traffic, and expand your content virally plus build you lists, email market, optimize your web pages and help you have a higher retention rate. We perform a full detailed plan with an overhaul on your website building and re-modifying all the elements to align with new age marketing channels and traditional media marketing channels. The best plan of action a business owner could take to increase sales and have a better ROI. (Return On Investment)