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Increasing Your Conversion Rate Increasing Your Conversion Rate

A great way to increase your conversion rate is to download a JavaScript popup. Also known as entry and exit popups, they are a great way for a website to raise leads by up to 600%. Here is a look at how these popups, increase your conversion rate:

They sow Seeds of Doubt

After you download a JavaScript popup and install it, the popup works to create doubts in the minds of visitors. For example, when they exit, it will ask them “are you sure you don’t want to make $X thousand dollars a month?” They confuse the user and entice them to stay and buy with a big benefit.

They Offer Benefits without Quality Content

Most of the time, until a visitor reads through the content, they don’t know the benefits of the product, and may leave. Used as an entry popup, it will tell your visitor about all the benefits they can receive before they ever read the content. As such, you may not require very high quality content to convert visitors into customers.

They help increase your Mailing List

You can use these popups to increase your subscriber list. With a ready-made form on the popup, the visitor simply needs to insert a few details and they become subscribers. With an effective email marketing campaign, they will soon become customers.

You should download a JavaScript popup if you want to improve your conversion rate. With an attractive, effective and small popup, you do not irritate your visitors and makes it easier for them to convert into customers.



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