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What Video Does For Your Website What Video Does For Your Website

Videos are a great SEO improving tool for most websites. They demand more traffic and feedback from viewers, and if you have ever wondered why websites that contain and share videos perform better than websites that contain images and texts only, you need to take a look at these reasons:

Videos Are More Interactive and Informative

A majority of the people surfing the web would rather watch a video than read or look at photos. Videos are more interactive than written content and far more informative than a picture. The experience of watching something is greater than reading about it from someone else’s viewpoint, which is why videos generate greater buzz than written content or even images.

Videos Are More Engaging | Go Pro Hero

A static image with a description can only tell you so much about a product or service. The more information you cram in to an image, the less useful it becomes. But with videos, you can inform and entertain the customers at the same time and get the message across. Since videos are more engaging, it can retain the interest of your visitors and make them keep coming back for more.

A video will keep your visitors engaged for a longer period of time than a picture and image would, therefore it can help improve the bounce rate form your website as well. Using videos will help improve your SEO ranking if used with relevant search terms and title.

Online Forms of Marketing Online Forms of Marketing

Traditional marketing has taken a backseat since the age of the internet. The numerous forms of internet marketing has replaced most traditional forms and most companies and online businesses prefer to go digital with their marketing schemes. Online marketing enjoys abundant advantages over traditional marketing which is why it is the most preferred choice for stand-alone businesses and websites as well.

Social media is the best form of marketing as of now considering almost everyone with a Smartphone and access to the internet is a part of it. Be it Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, social media is everywhere and with every website providing a share button to these social forums, it is easier to connect to hundreds and thousands of people with few clicks and shares.

SEO (Search engine optimization) is a form of marketing that improves the visibility and ranking of your web pages in order to increase the traffic. SEO is one of the most important online forms of marketing and if your competitor is more knowledgeable about it than you, it could ring disaster bells for you. SEO requires a lot of hard work, but if used correctly, can market your website beyond what you hope to achieve.

Another form of online marketing is pay-per-click, which is online marketing where you literally pay per clicks to advertise your website or products. You can buy these advertisements from Facebook and Google for example, and pay for every click the ads generate and bring your viewers and customers.

Art of a Popup Art of a Popup

When you know about the art of a popup, your website will grab the attention of the user and help increase conversions. If you download a JavaScript popup, you can convince your visitors to stay longer by asking them to submit information, offering free eBooks, or redirecting them to a new offer. Here is a brief look on the art of a popup.

Create a Different Popup for Different Content

If you download a JavaScript popup and use it one every page data can be collected from any visitor, if you have been trying to do this without good results maybe you should try to do so differently. You need to create a popup according to the type of content you offer on your website. When it does pop-up, make sure it does not annoy the user. The message displayed it should be easy to understand and offer great value to the visitor.

Include Images in the popup

Images in a JavaScript popup improve communication between you and the user. Site metrics show this type of popup is more effective than one with text only. Plus you can say a thousand words with one picture so keep a beautiful image ready to entice viewers into giving them your email address.

Always create Lightweight Popups

Instead of a popup that covers the entire screen and browser, use a small lightweight one that covers a small portion. This way, the traffic of your landing page resonates more effectively because your visitor’s don’t leave because of annoying popups.

While you can create your own popup, you can download a JavaScript popup and use it on your site. Doing so will improve conversion, increase your subscriber list, and improve your ROI.

Increasing Your Conversion Rate Increasing Your Conversion Rate

A great way to increase your conversion rate is to download a JavaScript popup. Also known as entry and exit popups, they are a great way for a website to raise leads by up to 600%. Here is a look at how these popups, increase your conversion rate:

They sow Seeds of Doubt

After you download a JavaScript popup and install it, the popup works to create doubts in the minds of visitors. For example, when they exit, it will ask them “are you sure you don’t want to make $X thousand dollars a month?” They confuse the user and entice them to stay and buy with a big benefit.

They Offer Benefits without Quality Content

Most of the time, until a visitor reads through the content, they don’t know the benefits of the product, and may leave. Used as an entry popup, it will tell your visitor about all the benefits they can receive before they ever read the content. As such, you may not require very high quality content to convert visitors into customers.

They help increase your Mailing List

You can use these popups to increase your subscriber list. With a ready-made form on the popup, the visitor simply needs to insert a few details and they become subscribers. With an effective email marketing campaign, they will soon become customers.

You should download a JavaScript popup if you want to improve your conversion rate. With an attractive, effective and small popup, you do not irritate your visitors and makes it easier for them to convert into customers.

Calculating the ratio is simple. Calculating the ratio is simple.(0)

Depending on the number, those “You are the umpteenth visitor to this site” counters displayed on many home pages can be impressive, especially if it’s your site. Trouble is they’re the Internet equivalent of someone peeking in the door to your business, then walking away. The real key to your site’s success lies in increasing conversion ratio, which tells you how many people actually do something after they’ve stuck their head in that door. Calculating the ratio is simple. Just divide the number of customers who complete a transaction on your site by the total number of visitors to it. The result is likely to be a depressingly small number averaging around 2%. But there are ways of increasing the conversion ratio to upwards of 5% or even more, assuming you know people with the knowhow to do it.
White List Marketing Firm is made up of people in the know. They’ll start with the most important page on your website, the landing page where visitors get that all-important, first impression of what you’re about. WLMF’s team of graphic designers and content writers know how to create landing pages that make people want to stick around as well as implement a downloadable javascript popup. From that point on, they’ll use analytical software to calculate when and where visitors might be exiting later on down the line. Known in the trade as the bounce rate, WLMF will find out which page or pages have unacceptable exit rates and revise or eliminate them accordingly. And finally, they’ll evaluate your CTA’s or Calls to Action, the point or points on your website that ask visitors to do something, be it join or buy or donate. When WLMF is done, rest assured you’ll have a website where increasing the conversion ratio has translated into tangible success for you.

White List Marketing Firm can help you decide which methods of online marketing are right for you White List Marketing Firm can help you decide which methods of online marketing are right for you(0)

Breaking news! The number of web sites on the Internet just passed the one billion mark. Even more astonishing, those sites hold a collective one trillion pages of data, or approximately 700 billion more pages than there are stars in the Milky Way. And you’re off in some quadrant of that cyber-galaxy, waving your digital arms in the air and yelling, “Look at me, folks. I’m over here!” Lots of luck, but luck is not the answer. You need proven methods of online marketing that not only attract traffic to your site, but keep it there long enough to do you some good.
White List Marketing Firm can help you decide which methods of online marketing are right for you. Should your site, include animation as well as graphics and written content? Should you reach out through an automated Email marketing campaign or a presence on social media sites such as Facebook or both? Will online press releases do any good? Should you start an E-newsletter or a blog? These options are but a few of the many WLMF can provide. And they are masters of the game of SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization which stands for “how to get those finicky search engines to list my site on Page 1 or 2 as opposed to Page 12345.”
To find out more, visit the WLMF web site and prepare to be dazzled by the possibilities. The staff will be happy to assist you in choosing methods of online marketing that will turn your web site into a star that stands out in the ever-expanding universe of the Internet.



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