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Getting an ad server can be tricky and expensive, however we have you covered for only $99.00, an amazing deal that we offer. Make sure to take advantage of it today!

buy an ad server

Buy An ad server

Wow…really!!! A personal, private ad server? Yes that’s correct, you can have your own ad server today for as little as $99.00. The buy an ad server service will allow us to create you an ad server and place it on any domain of your choice. We will recommend our best suggestions to help you out with the domain name and configuration settings. We will even teach you how to use your ad server. Our team will configure all the scripts into one site, for free, with each installation. Meaning you can get your ad server running and configured in your website all for only $99.00. Also included in that price is one ad, free of charge, for whatever dimensions you choose.

The benefits of having your own ad server are amazingly cool and beneficial. With an ad server you can control the rotation of ads delivered to your customers at any given time. The weight of exposure can be changed so one ad shows more or less than another. You can make simple or complex campaigns, for you or your advertisers, by setting up either CPC (cost per click) or CPM (cost per impression = 1000’s). Set the ad server up the way you want and let the clicking bring home the money. By setting a value to the CPC or CPM you can charge your advertisers for each click or impression that is viewed. The ad server supports third party click tracking, Google tracking, open x, and more. You will receive custom email reports delivered to your client and make a killer profit.

So, for $99.00 you will get an ad server that is 100% privately owned by your company or you, one free banner ad created, installation of ads into one website of your choice, and a tutorial of how to use your new ad server. Can you find a better deal than that? Don’t hesitate to buy an ad server at this great price! You can request a quote or buy an ad server directly from this page!

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"This ad server is exactly what i needed for my company, my affiliate marketing sales are through the roof!"

- Cory Wright
Lynnwood, IL