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An award winning service, we personally gurantee your advantage over your competition, use this service to drive more traffic!

small business seo chicago

Small Business SEO Chicago

A service that offers so much for such a fair price, our small business seo Chicago service is an award winning service and you can put it to work for your company with no working knowledge of seo. Leave the critical thinking up to us and get results in as little as 7-10 days. Other seo firms will tell you that you need sometimes up to 3 or more months to see results. We know this to be a un-trustworthy and false. Our small business seo Chicago service can go to work for your website and with the right process target relevant keyword phrases for your company and improve rankings in no time at all.

Our small business seo Chicago service will analyze your website, research keyword phrases, optimize or re-optimize pages on your site, build back link profiles with high mixed PR links of relevant content, and social bookmark the links for life long lasting documentation. We generally do anywhere from 10 to 100 relevant search phrases associated with your business. Our small business seo Chicago service will give you a weekly report to show ranking improvement and overall placement in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Each one of our client's website are tracked in software and detailed information heavy reporting is compiled on an ongoing basis for you to keep updated and know what your paying for.

Keep your website at the top of the search engines with our small business seo Chicago service, don't wait 3 or more months for minimal improvements, get the most bang for your buck with White List Marketing Firm’s seo methods and trustworthy process's.

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You can order any of the three small business seo Chicago packages here with the click of a button. Have an advanced large project with more then 25 keywords click on the get a quote button and let us know your requests.

"My website could never have flourished more, we did 25 relevant keyword phrases for my business and after about 2 weeks the targeted traffic started coming in."

- Anthony Vinnagucci
Chicago, Il

$99.99 | SEO Package 1

This package will give you 25 pr 1’s, and 3 pr 2’s, and 2 pr 3’s! That is enough to dominate local seo for 3 - 5 keyword phrases. All you need to do is communicate your targeted keyword phrases to us and we will write your content accordingly and create a rhythm of back links that is dripped to the search engine over a 10 day period. In about 7 days we will see the first results and around day 17 your site will yield new information as we keep track of the progress and update you with weekly with seo reports

$199.99 | SEO Package 2

This seo package will give you 50pr 1’s, 5 pr 2’s, and 2 pr 3’s, intended for medium competition. You should get this package if your keyword phrases are around 5k search volume. Still for about 7 or less keyword phrases this package is sure to put your site in the top 8 ranks in Google, Yahoo, and Bing’s search engine. Based on an analysis of your site and competition we will optimize or re-optimize pages and build up to 5 landing pages that are highly optimized for your services or products. An optimization of your current site and new landing page’s are included in this package, as well as an array of high PR back links, with a weekly seo report or daily if requested.

$299.99 | SEO Package 3

This seo package is based on high competition keywords, our top package will gain you 50 pr 1’s, 8 pr 2’s, 5 pr 3’s, and 2 pr 4’s, a complete analysis of the website, optimization or re-optimization of your site, up to 10 landing pages, social bookmarks for link documentation and daily and or weekly seo reports for 5 weeks. This will be enough ammunition to get your site where it needs to be and rank your keywords of high competition in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Fear not, if your traffic is minimal, your keywords are competitive, and your site is new. We will dominate local and some national seo keyword phrases for you. Get a complete overhaul of your site with seo package 3. Made for the real website owner who wants to compete with his competitors and rank #1 in Google!