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A great service to help get you exposed to the social world. We target people talking about a service and introduce you as the new alternative!

social media marketing chicago

Social Media Marketing Chicago

This service will get your products and service made public to the social media world of Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Blogs, and forums. People are talking all the time about all types of services and products, spreading the message either positive or negative across the nation and through the world. You should be aware of what your company’s image or reputation is on social media. So the social media marketing service can focus primarily on two aspects of your business, awareness and reputation management. These two services can make a company successful or seriously hurt the company’s ability to thrive and succeed.

The social media marketing side is just what it sounds like, marketing through media on social platforms. This is where we target people who are either talking about your competition or services related to yours. When we find all the posts and comments posting in real time conversations, we go ahead and post our comments with links to your site. They are no-follow and social media links don’t count for back links so the will neither hurt or help your site. However, they do funnel traffic and peak interest in whatever conversation we are taking part in. So using this method we can create a buzz or piggyback off others already progressing conversations.

Reputation management is a great way to keep your customers coming back. Having a good reputation is what the goal is, and if someone is bashing your company then we find it and clarify the issue or stop the rumors. Sometimes company’s have things that happen that are beyond their control, with the social media marketing service we can address those issues through reputation management and create a positive buzz around your name improving the overall image of the company you run. This is a great way to keep retention among your clients, which will provide you with ROI for years to come. Purchase this service for only $199.00 and we will do both for you, reputation management and product buzz.

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"We tried the social media marketing service and it really worked, our traffic increased by about 25% and sales increased by about 10%"

- George Malikibren
Dyer, In