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Info About Our Links

Our links are 90% article links. We take your keyword phrases and have our expert authors write content anywhere from 120 words to 500 words of researched unique relevant fresh content using your keywords through out the article to give each article written a minimum of 3% keyword density of compelling content.

How we build your links

We take the professionally written articles and make 2 links per article only no more. The articles are then placed on the blog PR or DA of your choice. We have so many blogs in our network that 90% of the time you will never have a link or article written on the same blog more then twice. The blogs that we choose are directly related to the keywords and industry that your site is relevant to so everything is natural as it should be normally when creating backlinks for anyone’s website according to Google’s requirements.

Why This Works So Well

Googles natural process of building links are exactly what we mimic and not only can they not tell the difference, since every aspect of the article, keywords, and sites are all matched up the results are astounding. When Google sees that your backlinks are being created in a format that they approve of and is natural your site will go up in the ranks for these selected keywords. This is a money back guarantee that if you work with us for a small amount of time and do not see any increase in your keyword rankings you money will be refunded.

What You Want To Try To Avoid.

You will notice today on the internet everyone selling links are charging recurring fees. We realize that paying a recurring fee for your links is a failing concept simply because to keep your number one position, when you get to the top, continued seo lnikbuilding maintenance needs to be done and that increases your recurring fee monthly. Now at some point the recurring bill will be so high its not fair or feasible to expect you to pay that. But the other link builders don’t care. And if you don’t pay them they will remove all your links….money waisted plain and simple.

Then difference between our links and recurring fee links.

All of our links are permanent and will be on your site forever. if you spend 20.00 on 4 pr2’s those pr2’s are staying on your site and we will never remove them. Our goal is to be a company you can count on when you need your site to be number one. we want you to refer your business friends and even sign up for our affiliate program and make money when your friends in business buy links from us. We pay you 20% of every dollar earned when they use your affiliate link to buy. Sign up to become an affiliate here. We love making sites number one and we want to help you achieve your goals. We understand that when you make money we do as well. So why pay for recurring fees its a failing strategy at some point over time to stay number one your bill will be way to expensive. At that point you realized that a large amount of money was wasted, don’t waist your hard earned money.

Good Rule of thumb

When buying links don’t put 1 pr1 on a keyword and expect that to do anything, no matter how good the link da or pa or tf or cf is 1 link is not enough to make Google search engine decide to give you the number 1 spot. Take your keywords individually with care and it’s your site so remember your in this for the long run. Invest some time into each phrase. When i want a keyword to move up i spend a minimum of 75 to 125 dollars on just that url with that keyword. I generally do 2 keywords at a time and it will cost about 250 but we guarantee you rank improvements and like we have already said if you work with us and see no gains we will refund your money. Take the future of your site seriously and become number on in your industry. Remember keywords factors that determine how quickly you move up in ranks are directly related to your competition backlink profile and monthly search volume so keyword strategies and amounts of links needed will vary.

Free consultation: 1(877) 673-3117 | View Client Report

If you think your site could use some on-page seo optimization we give free consultation and analysis reports of many factors such as density, content optimization, meta optimization, and html attribute optimization. We will be happy to run an analysis on your site and give you our expert strategy on what we would do to help fix your site if it needs it and what type of backlink profile building strategy you should start with. Some of the reports we do charge for but non are over 5 dollars and when you decide to work with us we track your rankings daily right from the beginning to prove that our methods work.

Link Prices

pr0 = $0.50     pr3 = $5.00
pr1 = $0.50     pr 4 =$10.00
pr2 = $2.50     pr5 = $20.00