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What is a personal injury victim diary, and why keep one?

A personal injury case can be a tricky one when you find a powerful defendant paired with a great lawyer. It can be hard to win the approval of the judge and the jury. But that may not be the only issue. Maybe you do not have the evidence to show that you have been in hospital and gone through everything you have gone through. Possibly all this time you have been all about talking and nothing more.

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Freelancer vs. Company: Which One to Choose?

This is a frequent point of concern for many entities and corporations. You have just finalized a novel and profitable 100k business idea. The next question is on the implementation of the idea. Due to the rigors of the market, you have two very lucrative options before you; to either choose a freelancer or a development company.

Is a freelancer competent? Do they have the experience and expertise required for a project of such a scale? On the other hand, we have the freelancer, are their services worth such a high rate? Let’s argue it out and get an answer once and for all.

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