This is a frequent point of concern for many entities and corporations. You have just finalized a novel and profitable 100k business idea. The next question is on the implementation of the idea. Due to the rigors of the market, you have two very lucrative options before you; to either choose a freelancer or a development company.

Is a freelancer competent? Do they have the experience and expertise required for a project of such a scale? On the other hand, we have the freelancer, are their services worth such a high rate? Let’s argue it out and get an answer once and for all.


You should expect to pay a freelancer less than a development company. Due to fewer costs, they request less money for their services. In addition, you are not obliged in any way to cover or reimburse them for other costs.

Services offered by companies are higher priced. Their rates take into account the bigger team as well as the expenses and other miscellaneous costs.


In most cases, freelancers are former employees of reputable, large corporations. They have rosy resumes that speak of their experience and solid background. They are experts in their particular fields and can offer quality and independent service.

Development agency offers a diverse work experience. Due to the designation as a professional company, you can expect that each service offered will be the best possible in the industry.


The flexibility of freelancers is a quality that gives them an advantage over a development company. Whatever time of day or night, they can get the job done. They can have a bug fixed urgently outside of working hours.

Companies are quite rigid due to corporate rules and policies. For a bug to be fixed urgently or outside of working hours, you can expect to be billed by the hourly rate.

Quality and support services

Due to its size, the quality of work offered by a company surpasses that of a freelancer. Reports made by a junior developer will be worked over again and again. Lines of code will be proofread and designs submitted will a collective solution of many brilliant minds. With a larger team, companies are also willing to offer additional services in terms of maintenance and support.

A freelancer on the other hand is focused on offering only the particular service requested by the client.

Legal implications

One advantage of hiring a freelancer is the absence of legal confusion. The contract between the two of you will serve the duration of the temporary job. It is very rare for a claim to be applied to a court when dealing with freelancers.

Working with a company puts a lot of legal restraints on you. Companies will have a legal team that will advise them on every element of the contract. Issues of remuneration, deadlines, and extensions will be acted on diligently.


All factors considered, there are so many variables that will influence your final choice. Depending on your project, you can identify the option that best suits you.