Since the period of quarantine in the year 2020, social media platforms have been on exponential growth and especially TikTok. People stayed at home for such a long time that they discovered the talent of creating content online is universal. The idle time at people’s disposal and arming with trendy mobile accessories lead to TikTok growth within a very short time.

Even after the coronavirus numbers lowered, people still are creating content as some of them became brand ambassadors through the platform. We all enjoy watching content on TikTok. Some of us are also content creators or at least have the urge to produce content. Getting a good number of views is an encouraging reason why you need to know how to become famous.

Create the content on the most recent trends

Under the search icon, you will see trending hashtags. Hoping right in one of these will ensure you get more views and in the process more followers. If you are not okay with one trend, you can pick up another as there are several trends.

These trends also go for quite some time depending on the sensation they get online. If you require any special equipment, skill, or practice, you can achieve this within the given time.

Use hashtags

The most common hashtag used on TikTok is FYP which denotes “for your page”. This means all the users on TikTok have a chance of viewing your content. If you are observant, you will notice most people apply this hashtag to have their content recommended for views, likes, or followers.

You can also use other hashtags that are common or well-known. You can make use of a hashtag of a macro influencer such as BizMike or another famous person on TikTok.

Be unique

You can come up with something that could be your trademark on TikTok. Some people just wear exaggerated heels and dance on a pole. Just like that, they become famous. You do not have to copy someone’s content hoping to become as successful as they are.

When you have unique content, people will start tagging you in their posts and this means more audience visiting your profile and watching more of your content.

Be consistent

Regularly post content that you have created. This will allow you to have followers on your own and you will have regular viewers. If you take a long time before posting content, people often find new favorites and tend to forget your account. Inconsistency could also cost you, followers, you had been earning for a long time.

Join or host live videos

Interacting with your followers ensures they maintain loyalty. When hosting a live video, just mentioning someone’s name is enough to make them loyal. This is how some feel special. When joining another person’s live video, be an active participant not just watching numbers.

Comment on the video, say “hi” to other users, or send gifts.

In conclusion, TikTok could be your charm but it also requires you to put much effort into it. Becoming famous on such a competitive app is not easy but you have to try.