There is always something about Christmas. And We are not talking about all the fuss that buzzes around it. We are talking about all the fascination that surrounds this particular event in our lives.

The thing that you don’t want is when your children open their gifts and are like, “What the hell?’ Not that they will articulate this to you, but maybe you will see this in their reaction. Maybe this is not the first time this is happening to you. It may be the third! Who knows?

It might be that after this long time of sticking around with your kid, you don’t know their preferences and tastes. The problem is not with you or your kid. The truth is that you don’t know what to do. What you need to do is to have ideas, tricks, and tips in your arsenal. Once you have a grasp of these ideas and principles, then you will be back to seeing smiles and voices full of surprise from your little ones.

Tickets to an event

It may be time that you amp your game. If you are the parent or an elder sibling, understand the generation we are in. So pick carefully. Do your research? The first sneaky thing you can do is to steal their phone and go to their music library. Have a pick on what they have put under “Favorites”, and then order your tickets.

This is not the only option to have a look into their hobbies and activities and book tickets related to what they like.


Just like us, kids have passions. They have something stored within them. Kids do want to be appreciated. It might be hard for them to say, but that’s true. They do. The best way to do this is to offer them a class in something that they told you they like or what they find they love. They will live to remember this.

However, the stakes are high here- especially if you promised them beforehand.  Don’t be a liar. Make promises and keep them.

If you can, make sure, that you are actively involved in this passionate pursuit. Take some time off and get curious about what your child is doing. The gift will have a long-term extension than you ever thought it would have. It is a great Christmas gift.


Maybe you have tried bedtime stories, but they don’t seem to work. They are just too boring for your child. It may be time to try something new and forget about the past. You can try magazines. They are a great alternative to bedtime stories. Plus, they are quite popular nowadays since every kid in class will be showing off. Magazines are action and information-packed as they carry a variety of interesting things in a single set. They usually have stories, rhymes, puzzles, and colorful illustrations that catch a kid’s eye very easily.

This is worth your money as they will not only engage the child but also initiate an interaction with other kids.

Book Club

Book Club allows you to pick books selectively based on ratings and feedback from kids, parents, and educators. Labeling the box to the child receiving it and registering for the age-appropriate book club to obtain a book box each month is a nice touch. An insert in each box includes details on the book, writer, and designer.

Also, make sure that you match the kid’s age to the criteria.