It is safe to say, that most medical practices depend on medical billing services and coding. This is because of the process handling of insurance covers and online payments. It is important that the fields of accounting and insurance govern a business and will determine whether the business meets the target in the future.

In this article, we will be looking into choosing between outsourcing and doing the medical billing yourself.


This is the preferred option. Whoever you choose, make sure they are experienced, reputable, and are known for their quality services. In addition, a coding team is much more reliable than an individual. The tip comes in handy when one individual gets sick or is overwhelmed by the amount of work you have provided them with.

The option of outsourcing is often considered the safest option. It will save you time, money, and even stress of thinking of what the hell you were thinking when you were balancing out these payments. Repeating things you have already done can be stressful. So, if that’s the case. You just need to outsource and feel the luxury of another party working for you.


The other option would be choosing yourself to do the actual billing. If you have the skills or capabilities and the time, this might be an option that you can consider. You should also look into the constraints that doing it in-house might have on you.  The skill set you might need is as follows:

– Insurance billing

– Medical billing of records

– Administrative office duties

– Computer skills

Problem-solving and organizational skills

– Electronic Health Records

Once you have a skill set efficiency above 25 percent of the competition, then you should think of handling your client. If not, then you should not open Pandora’s box. It might be a really bad idea if you are not good at the above skills. There is no need to feel bad about it. Not all people are good at everything.

If you are looking into the second option, check out the following tips:

– Be careful with entries

You should align the patient’s medical data to the correct name, address, gender, insurance information, and dates of treatment. Any form of mismatch can lead to claim rejection.  Don’t be ignored because you have outsourced the work. Some billing companies and personnel are after the money and will not care about the well-being of your practice.

– Use the latest coding manual

Coding manuals are constantly updated and changing. Notify your group of medical coders of the ever-changing manual so that they can change their strategies frequently. Ignorance is not bliss. If you push away this fact, you will suffer during your reimbursement process.

– Avoid duplicate billing

Patients can be angry about such occasions and even dispose of the trust of your healthcare if the problem is unsolved. The solution is to be organized when submitting claims and turning to audit whenever you are faced with loads of data.