If you are contemplating installing an automated healthcare scheduling software, stop beating around the bush and make that purchase. Efficiency in any medical practice is key to ensuring that all administrative tasks are done promptly and as per the patient’s needs. In addition, an automated system can free up time for your staff to engage more with your patients.

In this article, we will look into tasks that you can automate at your practice.

Automated communication

Communication with your clients is a vital task. Either through mail, text, or voice, you will be able to set appointments, reminders, or just keep in touch through birthday and holiday messages. If you think about the number of patients that go through your office per day, you can appreciate the amount of time and money that you spend just to handle them. In particular practices, you might have staff that is hired for that task.

All of these communications can be automated using healthcare software. In addition, to make your practice more efficient, it will reduce the cost of doing business.


If you have a practice with multiple doctors, appointment filling can be quite a challenge. The administrative staff needs to figure out which time slots are open for which doctor. In case of any cancellation by any patient, they also need to look for a patient to fill in quickly.

All the drama and stress of appointment filling can be taken away by the use of an appropriate automated system. Patients can log in to the system, look for an available time slot and book an appointment. The system will make reminders prior to D-Day. And in case of any cancellations, the system will fill in the open slots using a generated waiting list.

Patient surveys

Medical practice is all about offering quality medical services and advice to patients. Since it is a service, it is important to know the quality of the service offered by the distinct elements of your practice. This is where constructive feedback is important.

People are more confident giving feedback when they are kept anonymous. And here is where your digital automated system comes into place. When patients log in or receive a service, the system can give out surveys for them to rate the experience and the service.

It goes without saying that your staff needs to follow up on the surveys and make changes where they are expected.

Eligibility checks

This is an automated service that will save your medical practice both time and money. An automated system with an eligibility check feature allows for a potential patient’s insurance to be pulled up prior to the appointment. This allows for your front desk to check whether the patient is covered for the particular service that he or she is requesting.


Don’t sacrifice the productivity and profitability of your medical practice. Get an automated healthcare software installed today and take your practice to the next level.