Ever wonder how YouTube will rank on social media? We know you have some really good ideas about what way the YouTube game is played, but I’d bet there are a few tricks here that you will find useful and applicable. Why not add to the several hacks you have up your sleeve the ones we are about to show you?

If you are a growing YouTube channel, you need to understand that competition is wild. People are making great SEO content with the potential of delivering rare value to their audience. Well, mainly because, with time, cameras have become cheap and video editing apps and technology are readily accessible to everyone.

The situation can be understood with two concepts: competition volume and search volume. What you want is to have low competition volume and have a very high search volume. What that means is that very few YouTube channels have very few specific contents that you have and have loads of clicks and views because of certain factors. How is the question.

Pick the right keyword

It’s easy to say but it’s never the same in the time of action. That’s why you need to create certainty in the mind of your audience. You must be very specific about the time, date, or kind of product or service you want to present to the world. Avoid being vague and broad about what you are displaying. For example, instead of saying how to lose belly fat, you need to come up with a video that says how to lose belly fat in less than two weeks or without using willpower.

Craft your description box

The description box is like the caption section on Instagram.  You need to know that the description box plays a huge role in the YouTube algorithm and how it can be a helpful guide on what your viewer is consuming. People need to know who you are and what you are about to deliver in the first 100- 200 characters. This includes your main keyword and sub-keyword in your video title.

A lot of mistakes are done by amateurs as they do not put effort into tailoring their description box. Most of them copy and paste. This can be dangerous for your content as it can be labeled spammed. You need to make everything natural as if it’s magic. Meaning that you’ve copied but in a subtle way.

Post across multiple social platforms

Good things in life are hard to find. And great content can’t be left behind either. We all know that one video or photo that is extremely hard to find will still make you laugh or make you feel extremely touched. The noble thing about coming up with such great value is that you can post it anywhere and still blow up because people are in love. And love is blind – just kidding. However, you will need to cross your fingers on this because it needs a touch or big up by someone great on the internet world for it to create some buzz.

Having a great thumbnail

This is going to sound a little bit corny but just hear us out. You need to think of a vivid thumbnail. We are talking about the bundle of hotness, smoothness, brightness, and grace that we all crave for. Make maximum use of your imagination for crafting a unique thumbnail and compare that to everything else. Now, choose what you want.